Lassiter Uses Big 1st Quarter, Defense to Crush Osborne 16-3

By Aiden Mihill

MARIETTA – Lassiter scored 13 points in the first quarter and forced 3 turnovers to go along with 5 sacks, as the Trojans beat the Cardinals of Osborne 16-3 on Friday night. Lassiter’s Bryson Harrison went 12 of 18 for 140 yards and 2 scores through the air, both in the first quarter. The defense was stringent all night, forcing 7 tackles for loss against a Cardinals team that has struggled offensively all season, scoring just 30 points in their last 5 games. The Osborne defense played well, forcing 2 fumbles and getting both back. They held Lassiter to under 250 yards, which no team has been able to do to the high-powered Trojan offense other than Kennesaw Mountain (who won 51-7). The Cardinals could never muster the offensive momentum to score, giving the usually struggling Lassiter defense a good reprieve from high-scoring shootouts.. The Trojans, now 4-4 and at .500 for the first time this season, have a bye this week before taking on the Allatoona Bucs in Acworth in what should be a good game for 3rd in the region standings. Osborne falls to 1-5 on the year (0-5 in region play) and goes at South Cobb this Friday.

The Curveball of Covid-19

By: Amanda DeMouey

Before the global pandemic, sporting events were fun community get-togethers, allowing us to enjoy time with friends and family. Once Covid-19 turned the world upside down, these activities developed temporary setbacks and our lives were forever changed.

In the spring of 2020, many sports leagues were canceled, and those that remained experienced unique seasons. This carried through to the fall, impacting sports such as softball, football, and volleyball. According to Katie, a Lassiter athlete, during the season, “Practices required masks, social distancing, and routine temperature checks.” Moreover, games often limited spectators to low capacities, and, according to Katie, “We were all definitely missing the typical Lassiter enthusiasm.” With these unforeseen restrictions, high-school sporting events instantly sunk to a quieter, lower-intensity atmosphere. What is a game without fans cheering on their favorite team? Although activities were nowhere near as exciting and entertaining, high school teams persevered.

Fortunately, this fall, high-school sports have nearly returned to what we are accustomed to. Practices are no longer surrounded by as many cautionary measures. Though social distancing and face masks are often recommended, these restrictions no longer engulf our everyday interactions. Now, more than ever, fans are encouraged to attend games and support high schoolers; this motivation was greatly missed last year.

How will Covid-19 impact the future of high school sports? Will we ever revert to our old normal? More than anything, athletes and the community are increasingly grateful for the opportunity to participate in activities and social gatherings. Though society naturally has stricter health precautions, this past year has proven that it is possible to return to normal, with little change in our daily customs.

 Lassiter Volleyball Program Gets a Reboot 

By: Amelia Wilson 

Lassiter Volleyball Program has some changes this year; it starts with a new gym, and new coaches have joined the spotlight. Darby Dunn, the new JV Volleyball coach, started her journey in Mississippi and moved to Georgia due to her husband’s job. After finding her place in the Special ED department at Lassiter, Dunn met Kristen Hunt, who works in the Media Center, and soon they decided to take up the responsibility of coaching the JV Volleyball team together. Not only does Mrs. Dunn have high hopes for a victorious season, but she is also hoping to “watch the girls grow and develop as a team,” she said during an interview. Shortly after this interview, her team went on to win against Wheeler High School in the third set, 15-11. 

Coach Marc, the new Varsity girl’s coach, himself was not open for an interview, but several of his players, including Andrea Garzon-Peta, #3, Kate Kudlac, #9, and Claire Billups, #6, all gave me their thoughts. When asked about Marc’s coaching, Andrea says, “I like Coach Marc, I think he is really hard on us because he expects a lot out of us, but I think that is what we needed to improve, although sometimes practices are really hard.”  Kate adds, “I think he has adjusted or has started to adjust to the team and how we need to be coached… I like it.” Not only do they agree on the caliber of Marc’s coaching, they all share the drive to reach state and regional competitions this year and based upon their win-heavy season so far, their dream could easily become a reality. Soon after this interview, the Varsity team went on to beat South Cobb in only three sets.

New Women’s Flag Football Team

By: Caroline Alligood

Lassiter has announced a new sports team coming this fall, a women’s Flag Football team! 

An informational meeting was held on August 19th for anyone interested in joining the team. The first two games of the season will be against region rivals Pope and Walton on October 18th. The times for the games are at 5:30 pm (against Pope) and 7:30 pm (against Walton). These games will be held at home. The season will contain eight games in total with the last two games on November 8th. The team will compete against Pope, Walton, North Cobb, Osborne, Hillgrove, Marietta, Wheeler, and South Cobb this 2021 season.

Julia Allen, a sophomore at Lassiter, is planning on joining the team this fall and said, “I first heard about the team in July. My friend’s mom said we need to have a team. I am interested in joining this year because my sister played, and it looks pretty interesting.”  

Participating in extracurricular sports is not only a chance to learn a new sport, but also a great way to meet new people. As Julia noted, “I am excited to make new friends and to play a new sport.” Best of luck to the flag football team this year and go Trojans!

Penalties, Special Teams Blunders Cool Off Hot Start By Trojans

By Aiden Mihill

WOODSTOCK – Lassiter kicked off their football season Friday in a 35-16 loss to River Ridge. The defense showed a lot of promise, especially in the first half, while holding the Knights to just seven points. Evan Scherer showed off in the season opener, recovering a fumble and breaking up four passes. The only scores of the first half were on long runs, a sixty-seven yard touchdown scamper for Ahmere Morrison just three plays into the game to give the Knights an early lead and a twenty-five yard run by Jaheem Murray to equalize late in the first.

After a punt-heavy second quarter, the Trojans took a 10-7 lead off a Drew Campbell field goal from forty-one yards out early in the third. The defense forced a long field goal from Santiago Luzardo, which was missed, but a roughing penalty followed by a conduct call brought the Knights within striking distance of the endzone, which they pushed in on a six yard pass by QB Carson Lathem. It was all Knights from there, as they scored three more touchdowns, two from blocked punts, and pulled away for the win.

The major focus point of the win for River Ridge was a dominating performance on special teams. The Knights blocked two punts by Luke O’Malley that resulted in 14 points, and forced a missed fifty yard attempt by Drew Campbell. Lassiter’s head coach Sean Thom had this to say about the poor special teams performance: “It’s gotta get better. You know, we preach, special teams, we lost that special teams battle.” Lassiter hopes to move back to .500 on the year when they play Lambert in the Frank this Friday.

A glance at the season

Natalia Bass , Co-Blog Editor/ Editorials Editor

Football season is now in full swing as high school teams face each other in the regular season. Lassiter has already played against Harrison, Pope, Kell, Wheeler, Kennesaw Mountain, Walton, and Roswell High School. In fact, they celebrated a win against Kennesaw Mountain on October 4th, the first victory of the season! Despite this, there are still a few games ahead. On the 25th they will be up against Woodstock, which will be an away game. On the first of November, Lassiter will play Etowah High School, which will also be away. Finally, to finish off the season, Lassiter will play Cherokee High School, which will take place at Lassiter. With a school spirit that can hardly be contained, it is clear that the support for our Trojans will not waver as the season comes to a close.

Sideline style

Audrey Smiles, Staff Writer

This month, Pittsburg Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger was fined $5,000 by the NFL for wearing an apple watch on the sideline of the Steelers vs Bengals game. Roethlisberger was fined because of the rule that prohibits wearing or using any sort of electronic device that is able to transmit any kind of messaging, which even applies to injured players such as himself. Compared to Troy Polamalu’s fine of $100,000 for using his phone on the sideline, and Ray Farmer’s four game suspension, Roethlisberger has the easiest punishment by far. Roethlisberger plans to appeal the fine ,but the odds are not in his favor seeing as he is photographed numerous times wearing the device. On the other hand, Roethlisberger could win his appeal by simply arguing, “I can’t text anyone because have you seen my left arm?”, which is currently broken. Only time will tell what will happen with Roethlisberger and his fine, but let us hope he has learned his lesson.

Lassiter’s Win

Audrey Renaud

Comedy Editor


    This past Friday, Lassiter High School had its Homecoming football game. The Homecoming game is always a fun night, but this one was especially good because Lassiter won the game. After a slow start to the season, this win means a lot to the whole Lassiter community. It happened in the first quarter when the opposing team, Kennesaw Mountain High School, fumbled the ball and then a senior at Lassiter, Jack Ferguson, recovered the ball and ran for the end zone. Everyone in the crowd was on their feet cheering as the entire football team ran down to the end zone in celebration. From that point on, we kept our lead against Kennesaw and ended up winning 7-3. This was a great night for Lassiter fans and it was a great Homecoming game. Let’s keep looking forward to this Friday’s game and hope for another win. Go Trojans!

Juul death & vaping awareness

By Samantha Flores, Sports & Health Editor

High school is the time in a teenager’s life where they are getting ready for college, but is also a time where they are trying to fit in. This generation’s idea of “fitting in” is taking on the activity of vaping. Vaping, now a term featured in the dictionary, is the action of inhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette, and the vapor can contain nicotine or THC (marijuana).  What was supposed to be a healthier alternative to those addicted to smoking cigarettes, turned into the main teenage trend. Since the invention is so new, scientists do not even know the effects it can have on its users. Recently, however, over 215 severe lung disease cases have arisen across hospitals in 22 U.S. states with patients complaining of chest pains, which were determined to be caused by vaping. Shockingly, some of the cases have resulted in patients in the ICU using ventilators, and already six cases resulting in death.

The rise in vaping has been ongoing since 2011, and the numbers have steadily increased. Teens began to heavily use the product around 2016, so much so it began to disrupt the learning environment. The Juul came to the market in 2017. This discreet black stick looks harmless, but it has put hundreds in the hospital. Kevin Burns, the CEO of Juul, said to CBS last week, “Don’t vape. Don’t use Juul.” The young adults and teens who have spoken out about their addiction after they landed in the hospital described their Juul usage as about going through a pod a day, equivalent to an entire pack of cigarettes. One teen named Simah Herman who was hospitalized because of vaping posted on Instagram saying, “No one thinks this will happen to them and neither did I which is why I kept vaping. It took less than 48 hours for me to be out in a drug induced coma with a tube down my throat because I could no longer breathe on my own. The dangers of vaping are real, and this can happen to you.” Teens that have been affected have been speaking out just like Simah, to the point where some are suing the Juul company, but it wasn’t until the recent death last week that people really started to worry.

Thursday of last week, a young adult from Illinois contracted a mysterious lung disease after vaping and died. Doctors ruled out his disease as infectious, as it is not caused by an infection like pneumonia, and discovered the disease was from inhalation of a caustic substance, which is believed to be vape chemicals. Doctors are shocked by this case and other severe ones and Dr. Ngozi Ezike said, “The severity of illness people are experiencing is alarming and we must get the word out that using e-cigarettes and vaping can be very dangerous.” It is almost becoming an epidemic, and more cases will likely arise in the new few months with the continuation of vaping.

These reported cases need to be enough to encourage teens to quit vaping. This can happen to anyone who is using, and no one is immune to it. Doctors, news companies, and even teens themselves are urging those participating to stop and save themselves. Those addicted need to seek help so they don’t get sick, even though the damage might already be done. Stop vaping and raise awareness!

Falling into the new sports season

By June Jordet, Co-Editor-in-Chief

After only a month into the school year, many of Lassiter’s athletes have been working hard towards a successful fall season. Through dedication and positive mindsets, each and every Trojan builds himself to become a better player on and off the field, court, or track. Head varsity football Coach Sean Thom explains, “The biggest thing I look forward to about the fall football season is seeing these young men compete on a daily basis as well as continuing to fortify relationships throughout our football program, so that we can see them grow as football players and productive citizens off the field as well!” The next football game will take place at Wheeler High School on September 20th where the players will be able to exhibit the progress discussed by Coach Thom.

Coach Wilson of the varsity competition cheer team also sees great potential in her team: “I am most looking forward to seeing these ladies continue to improve and gain new skills. We’ve already made so much progress over the summer, I can’t wait to see what the season has in store for us as we continue to work harder and get stronger.” Similarly, Coach Campbell of the varsity fastpitch softball team sees that “progression will be key to [their] success” during this season. Support the fastpitch team at their double-header against Woodstock on September 12th starting at 5pm at home.

Cross country lead by Coach Freed and varsity volleyball lead by Coach Hodge also commence their new season this fall. The top athletes of the cross country team will be competing on September 14th in Pensacola, Florida at the Gulf Coast Stampede. The varsity volleyball team will be competing at Alpharetta High School on September 12th. Each team is putting in its maximum effort and hoping for a triumphant season. They
hope to see each Trojan at every game!