What’s happening in ceramics?

By Nate Bavely, staff writer

Ceramics is spicing up their game, and Mrs. Daniels has some new projects planned for this year. Although they are trying new and improved projects, they are keeping their regular schedule. Students first create a cup that they begin with every year. Usually, the students are very excited for this project because it is everyone’s first project. But that’s not all that this class has to offer, a new wide array of projects will be introduced into ceramics, such as “Virtual Chinese Takeout”, and many new projects on the potter’s wheel. Every student has a main goad in ceramics: to get on to the “Wall of Large-Throwing Fame Sculpture” which is a wall that certain students can get onto if they exceed the teacher’s expectations. Every year students are more and more intrigued with ceramics. I am personally intrigued with what Mrs. Daniels and the students have to offer.

Book Review: Big Little Lies

By Samantha Flores, Sports & Health Editor

Looking for a novel that is categorized as a dramatic mystery with a comedic twist? Try reading Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I give this book ten out of ten stars; I couldn’t put it down. I am the type of reader who likes action in the plotline, and I love murder-mysteries, so  Big Little Lies checked both of those boxes.

Big Little Lies is set in a small town on the coast of Australia. The pretty beaches, big, perfect homes, and beautiful schools make the location seem flawless. However, the same characteristics do not apply to the characters themselves. Jane is a single mother who was raped during her college years by a mystery man. The rape results in her having a child named Ziggy. Jane suffers from PTSD and many psychological problems throughout the story. Madeline is the stereotypical “blonde mom” who has two children- one with her husband (Chloe, age 5) and one with her ex-husband (Abigail, age 15). Madeline has anger issues and loves to keep secrets as well as gossip. Celeste is the definition of a “perfect woman” with her gorgeous looks, perfect family, and loads of money. However, she keeps a secret from everyone, including her twin boys, that her husband, Perry, is constantly abusing her. These three women, with their elementary aged children, are the three main characters of the novel.

The story revolves around the children’s elementary school, where the main characters’ children attend. The book starts with the ending scene and works backwards. The ending scene is set at the elementary school on “Parent Trivia Night”, and the story ends with a murder. All of the main characters were present at the scene of the crime, including two other moms named Renetta and Bonnie (who both have external conflicts with Madeline, Celeste, and Jane), and they all knew the truth of what had happened. The description of the scene indicates that all of the women have lied about what had happened, however, the description does not include who the murder victim was. The story then goes back and forth between the past and the interviews with parents at the school discussing the murder investigation and their theories on the main characters’ involvement. This creates excitement and thirst for the answer to the mystery: who has been killed, and by whom?

The twists and turns throughout the novel create the suspense that hooks readers and makes the book a quick read. The author did a great job with the detailed characters and their internal as well as external conflicts. I loved this book and I would definitely recommend it to those who love a good thriller to read in their spare time!

Lassiter Drama’s Animal Farm

By Abby Apple, A&E

This year, Lassiter Drama has decided to take on the role of performing two shows per semester. The first show is one of the most famous novel as written, Animal Farm by George Orwell.  Animal Farm is a novel based on the Russian revolution transformed into a story about a group of animals on a farm in England.

The Lassiter Drama club’s director, Dani Dickinson, chose this show hoping to create a mature, artsy, and professional performance. Also, Dani casted this show in such a way where all of the characters from Napoleon to Mollie to create a powerful performance that will have the audience leaving absolutely flabbergasted.

The plot of Animal Farm is about a farm in England where the animals are fed up with the treatment they have been receiving from their owner, Mr. Jones. When the animals drive Mr. Jones off the farm, they almost immediately create social classes; the pigs are brain-workers, or the elite, and the rest of the animals are labor workers. It is soon revealed that the pigs want all the power, but how far will the pigs go to keep it? To find out, come see the show September 12th, 13th, and 14th!

MTV Room Awards

By Luci Wilgus, staff writer

The debate about which teacher has the best classroom can finally end. We surveyed about 100 students at Lassiter High School, asking them their opinion on this issue. After an initial 30 responses, four teachers stood out as front runners, and the poll was narrowed to the following contestants:

-Mrs.Etter, for her incredibley diverse collection of rubber ducks

-Dr.Brown, for his extensive library, comfy couches, Petersons (textbooks) from other teachers, and a Neil Patrick Harris cut-out

-Mr.Sanacore, for his (possibly possessed) comic book décor and posters

-Dr.Shildneck, for his unique posters imported from Alderaan and Tatooine

Dr.Brown won with 34 votes, with Mrs.Etter as a close second, coming in at 32 votes. Dr.Shildneck came in at a total of of 18 votes, leaving Mr.Snacore as a lovely fourth alternate. Congratulations to all of our contestants!

**The results are based upon the responses of 22 seniors, 34 juniors, 16 sophomores, and 24 freshmen’s responses. Based on participation, the results are slightly skewed toward the preferences of the current junior class**

Homecoming themes: September 30-October 4

By Hadley Quigg, staff writer

  • Monday-Student/teacher swap
  • Tuesday-Family day
    • Freshman (kindergartners)
    • Sophomores (teenagers)
    • Juniors (adults)
    • Seniors (grandparents)
  • Wednesday- Wild West
    • no masks, weapons, or lassos per administration
  • Thursday- Space
  • Friday- Class colors

Show your school spirit by dressing up for Homecoming week! Monday, dress up as your favorite teacher for the student/teacher swap. We all know that Lassiter is one big family, so celebrate Tuesday as family day. Freshmen should dress as kindergartners, sophomores as teens, juniors as parents, and seniors as grandparents. Giddy up and mosey on down to the Wild West on Wednesday with the Wild West theme. Thursday, take a trip to the moon and back with a space theme, so dress up as an alien, a constellation, or anything else space related. Last but not least, is class colors Friday: freshman wear gold/yellow, sophomores wear maroon, juniors wear white, and seniors wear black.

Where is the Lassiter Band?

By Audrey Renaud, Comedy editor

The Lassiter Marching Band is known for going on some big trips. During the 2018-2019 school year, the group flew to California to march in the 130th Tournament of Roses Parade, for the fifth time in their history. This season the band has two trips planned, and even though the destinations are less exciting than California, they’re still interesting. Both trips take place so the band can attend a competition, one at Western Carolina University, and the other one at Georgia State University.

The first competition will take place on the weekend of October 19th, 2019. The Lassiter band will drive up to Western Carolina University to participate in the 19th annual Tournament of Champions. In addition to competing, the band will also go to Carowinds amusement park. The second competition takes place at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. The band will compete during the day and then, the overall champion of the tournament will be invited as a special guest to Georgia State’s football game later that evening. Next time you see a band kid, try to remember to wish them luck on their upcoming competitions!

Movie review: Us

Natalia Bass

Editorials Editor

Director and writer Jordan Peele, executing yet another psychological thriller after Get Out, released the movie Us on March 22 this year. The film is an excellent work of horror that is sure to leave its audience pondering the symbolism and the intricacies hidden within the frames. Starring Lupita Nyong’o, the movie follows the life of Adelaide Wilson and her family as they attempt to escape a terrifying reality that puts them into the face of danger throughout the entire film.

The film begins with a black screen, narrating an important fact: there are hundreds of thousands of abandoned tunnels below the surface of the earth and it is largely unknown who or what inhabits them. This unknown is later revealed to show the grueling truth. In an attempt to create clones in underground that could control the people above the earth, the government failed miserably, resulting in the clones becoming puppets of the people above. The study is abandoned, leaving millions of people below the surface of the earth living as shadows of those above them. These shadows are referred to as “the tethered” in the film, seeing as they are spiritually connected to their doppelganger. This information, however, is learned after the tale of Adelaide’s scarring childhood story, where she encountered her tethered clone.

After wandering off from her distracted father, young Adelaide finds herself in a house of mirrors, where she sees her reflection, but turned away from her. She discovers her clone face to face and is permanently damaged by what she experiences. She does not share what happened to her that night until she is in her adulthood. The movie then cuts to Adelaide all grown up with a family, planning a vacation to the beach where she had such a traumatic incident as a child. The night they arrive at their beach home, the situation takes a turn for the worst: there is a family identical to theirs standing outside their house on their driveway.

The rest of the movie not only instills a sense of thrill and terror in the audience, but it also has many laughable moments, as expected with director Jordan Peele. The symbolism that is evident in the film keeps your eyes glued to the screen searching for the meaning and how it connects to the real world. Every minute is captivating and every frame is significant. The major plot twist at the end almost forces you to watch it again, just to pick up anything you may have missed the first time around.

Star Sign Science

Luci Wilgus- Staff Writer

Many people say that their zodiac sign does not apply to them or that horoscopes are just generalized statements. A majority of people who take issue with their sign tend to not look at their entire chart and instead focus on their sun sign. Sun signs are the most well known, as the only necessary information is someone’s birthday. Astrology originates from the Babylonians around first century BC and was equivalent to modern astronomy. They used it to predict weather patterns and celestial events. Once the Greek philosophers got hold of this concept, it was regarded as a science. The word zodiac is actually Greek for “circle of animals”, and the name for each sign is Roman in origin. Early astrologers knew that there were twelve phases in a single lunar cycle. Each sign is associated with a constellation- starting with Aries in the northern celestial hemisphere, then Pisces in the west, and Taurus in the east. Astrology was thought of as an accurate way to predict weather and major events that kings began to have astrologers as their advisors. It gradually became more and more popular among “common people” and has remained a popular trend. Horoscope charts themselves are based on sidereal time, which is based around the sun’s position at the spring equinox. Once an astrologer has a birthdate, they use a table called an astronomical ephemeris, which is a list of planetary positions and their correlating dates.  Constructing a chart consists of filling in blanks, but a chart interpretation is more complex. Professional astrologers look at what planets have the most control as well as the signs that were prominent when that planet came into rotation. Even still, chart interpretation can not run on an algorithm because of how many factors there are in an individual chart. So, for anyone who feels that astrology is inaccurate, consider a professional reading, or look past your sun sign. A good online resource for a visual of your chart is AstroDienst, which was created by an accredited group of astrologists.


Marvel vs DC

Marvel vs DC Comics

Erin Buckner


For years, two publishing giants have taken over the film and comic industry while giving  us most of the superheroes and villains we loved as kids and still love today. Constantly battling for the top spot, Marvel and DC Comics rivalry goes back nearly 80 years and people today feel strongly about which is the best. Here are three main differences in the two comic superpowers.

Although some aspects may be similar, such as superhero battling villain for the sake of humanity, the themes of Marvel and DC are completely different. DC Comics takes the more traditional route and portrays their characters are mythical being who can perform incredible tasks. Marvel on the other hand, tries to stray away from that by taking a more human approach. Even though the Marvel characters can do amazing things, they humanize and make them relatable to the public by often showing obstacles that the heros have to face internally and externally. When it comes down to theme, deciding who is better merely comes down to the peoples’ opinion.

Another factor to consider when comparing the two is reviews. The most popular movie analyst, and one most people rely on, is none other than Rotten Tomatoes itself. Marvel’s average tomato score, being a 64.1%, is barely under DC’s score of 67.7%. With individual movies, Marvel’s top spot belongs to the Black Panther scoring a 97%, followed by Iron Man, Avengers, and Spider-man Homecoming. However DC’s top spot is Dark Night, having a score of 92%, then Batman Begins, and Superman. Although DC has a higher average score and is more consistent, Marvel tends to have either hits or misses, but when they hit they have an impact.

Finally, going back to where they first started can be beneficial when comparing the two. Originally proclaiming their fame through comics, that side of the industry has slowed down now drastically that the ways of entertainment has changed. So the question is, who sells more comics? In the earlier years, DC’s Superman sold 500,000 copies while Batman sold 898,000, now that would barely scratch the surface of their sales. Superman has sold up to 600 millions and Batman has over 460 millions sales, while Marvel’s Spider-Man has sold over 380 million and X-Mens has sold up to 270 million. Although DC’s sales are higher, Marvel tends to make more money based on the fact that their comics are frequently the highest ranked and reviewed. There are many differences between Marvel and Dc Comics and it has been shown that there is not a clear winner between the two and there may never will be.