Tri-M’s Skylight Spooktacular

Sarah Patterson

‘Tis the season! This year, Lassiter’s own Tri-M music honors society will be bringing back one of its most famous traditions: Skylight Spooktacular! On the morning of October 29th, students in various woodwind, brass, string, and vocal ensembles will perform fan-favorite Halloween tunes such as Thriller by Michael Jackson, Edvard Grieg’s Hall of the Mountain King, Grim Grinning Ghosts from Disney’s Haunted Mansion, and many, many more! Performances in skylight will start at 7:45 on Friday the 29th, and go until around 8:10. 

The Skylight Spooktacular has been a Tri-M tradition for years, along with similar performances for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc., but, like everything else, the challenges from COVID-19 made public performances near impossible. However, Tri-M is back and better than ever; in fact, officers are already hard at work planning their next performances, including various other skylight performances and a charity concert later in the semester. Students are also very excited for the return of skylight performances, especially upperclassmen, who remember hearing groups perform several years ago, before COVID. Regardless of your age, though, Friday will be a fun, spooky day, so make sure to stop by for a little extra Halloween spirit!

Trick or Treating 101

By: Audrey Renaud  

            October has come once again and that means that Halloween is just around the corner. Most kids are going to go Trick or Treating on Halloween and they will spend the night hanging out with friends and eating candy. If you are not one of those kids and you do not really know “how” to Halloween, or if you are one and you want to know how to Halloween better, here are some tips to help you.

 The first thing you need to trick or treat is a good costume. With the costume you wear, you either want it to be extremely obscure or hard to recognize, so then you can spend a lot of time explaining what you are dressed up as to those who ask. Next up is the group you walk around with. For some of you this will automatically be a group of friends, but for the really fun people, it will be a group of strangers already Trick or Treating. All you need to do to is jump in step with their group and then laugh really loudly at their jokes. Then with your new friends, you can really start Trick or Treating. As you go from house to house, keep an eye out for the people who have their porch lights turned off, they are the ones who go all out and the lights are off in order to give you a good scare. Go up to their door and ring the doorbell at least three times to show them you really mean it, and do not go away until the come to the door. With these tips under your belt you are sure to have the best Halloween ever this year, and try to spread these around so that everyone can have as much fun as you, Happy Halloween

Lassiter Uses Big 1st Quarter, Defense to Crush Osborne 16-3

By Aiden Mihill

MARIETTA – Lassiter scored 13 points in the first quarter and forced 3 turnovers to go along with 5 sacks, as the Trojans beat the Cardinals of Osborne 16-3 on Friday night. Lassiter’s Bryson Harrison went 12 of 18 for 140 yards and 2 scores through the air, both in the first quarter. The defense was stringent all night, forcing 7 tackles for loss against a Cardinals team that has struggled offensively all season, scoring just 30 points in their last 5 games. The Osborne defense played well, forcing 2 fumbles and getting both back. They held Lassiter to under 250 yards, which no team has been able to do to the high-powered Trojan offense other than Kennesaw Mountain (who won 51-7). The Cardinals could never muster the offensive momentum to score, giving the usually struggling Lassiter defense a good reprieve from high-scoring shootouts.. The Trojans, now 4-4 and at .500 for the first time this season, have a bye this week before taking on the Allatoona Bucs in Acworth in what should be a good game for 3rd in the region standings. Osborne falls to 1-5 on the year (0-5 in region play) and goes at South Cobb this Friday.


By Seneca Crosby

I never appreciated the light before I was plunged into the darkness. Over the weeks the Dark has morphed into a thick cloud of shadows. Its hands hold me down and pull me further into the darkness. The air around me is so heavy I can barely lift my head. Recently, the Dark developed a voice. It whispers in my ear and forces me to remember. Remember his face, his touch, his words. 

The more I remember the more the Dark looks like him. Its words hurt more now. “It’s all your fault. You wanted it.” “They will never listen to you.” Its grip tightens on me as I believe it’s lies. I close myself off from reality and huddle in the Darks’ cold arms. I fear it as much as I feared him. If I left he would hurt me. So I stayed.

I stopped fighting it and eventually, its face changed to a less familiar one. It told me that it was called Death. It told me that if I went with it, all my hurt and pain would disappear. Every day I stepped closer to Death. It promised me happiness with it. It promised to destroy him, to remove his fingerprints from my tattered spirit. I wanted to forget him more than anything. I wanted the memories and the hurt of his aura to disappear. I trusted that Death was the solution. 

Death cared for me more than anyone else did. It certainly cared more about me than he did. He only cared about my body, about what I could give him. He only took from me, and the one thing he gave me was pain. This pain haunted me and stalked my soul. He had beaten me down to the point where everything around me seemed bland and drained of color. I was told to let it go and move on. 

How could I move on when he was wrapped around my every thought? How could I move on when he still walked the same halls I did? How could I move on when Death promised me a relief that moving on never could? Death’s argument seemed more and more compelling as the days droned on. I was ready to make my decision.

     “I’ll go with you.” I spoke up to its blank face. I told hold of its frigid hand and almost jumped back in surprise. I had expected its hands to be warm and comforting. I had expected to be relieved to be with Death. All its words came crashing down on me and I realized it’s lies. I pulled my hand away from it and turned away from it. I didn’t get far until I felt the overwhelming pain from him. All the memories that had been frozen by Death had melted back into my brain. I felt colder than I had been with Death. 

Again, I was compelled to take its hand and follow it. I would rather feel Death’s glacial hands than live with the memories of him. I didn’t trust it, but I trusted it more than I trusted my own soul. I trusted that he could save me and that was worth all the pain. I stepped towards it again but before I could reach for its hand, an intense warmth overcame me. I looked behind me and a figure of light descended from the sky. 

She was beautiful. She took hold of my crippled soul and gave it hope. She led me away from Death and helped me back onto my feet. She was the true friend Death was pretending to be. She reminded me that no matter how dark and hopeless the world seems, the light is always around the corner. I haven’t seen much of Death much lately, nor have I felt it’s cold aura. Light has helped me back into my true self. I was fighting to win and I won thanks to her. She saved me from myself and gave me a reason to keep moving forward. Sure, it was hard at first, but I leaned against her for support as I took my first few wobbly steps away from Death. I have gradually started to understand that Death was lying to me. That what he did wasn’t my fault and that he can no longer haunt me. I’m free from him and Death, all because I turned my head towards Light and believed that she could save me. 

Orchestra Camp 2.0

By Katelyn Vetro

The Lassiter orchestra recently had their first camp since 2019. As they are heading back into the swing of things, the executive officers and staff have already noticed an immense difference in the quality of their players. The orchestra is finally back together and are able to do things as an entire program. Lassiter orchestra’s executive team member and social media manager, Matt Crane, reflected on the uniting of our players by saying, “Due to the nature of orchestra as a class, sometimes it’s hard to get to know the people around you so I think being familiar with the people we see all the time and play music with will help our playing as a whole.” Matt, and the other executive officers, came to a consensus that this short two-day workshop dramatically improved their musicianship, due to the talented, wonderful clinicians that came to our school. When Matt was asked how camp improved his bass playing skills, he answered, “ This was the first time we’ve gotten to work with real, professional, clinicians since fall of 2019. It was great to see them and they were incredibly helpful as we worked through the challenging music we are currently learning.” The Lassiter orchestra is looking forward to playing music for everyone once again! Their first concert will be on October 21 in the concert hall!

Study Smarter, Not Harder

By Gracie Fisher

The recent pandemic has affected all of our lives in a multitude of ways. One example being how we study and the effectiveness of our study habits. Last year, almost every test and quiz were open note and cheating became second nature for some of us. This year, on the other hand, it is time for us to refocus and start putting effort into good study habits. To help ease Lassiter students back into the process of preparing for important grades, I have compiled three study tips I have found most helpful throughout my three years at Lassiter.

First, time management and organizational skills are key to good study habits. By keeping a daily planner and making sure to complete all assignments thoroughly and on time, you will be prepared for all tests and quizzes because you will know all of the content and when to be ready to have your knowledge tested. Also, planning out certain times of the day to put aside time to study is crucial for your success. Maintaining a binder or even multiple binders to separate your classes can help you differentiate between your classes and keep you and your study materials more organized. Being smart with your time and staying organized makes the study process much easier and efficient.

Also, music is another factor that can help you better prepare for any test or quiz. Whether it is instrumental, rock, or hip hop, music can increase your attentiveness by giving you background noise to block out any other potential distractions. While not everyone will find that this is best for them, most teenagers have no problem playing any genre of music that most helps them focus on their work.

Studying is necessary in order to achieve educational success and it is best to start implementing these good study habits sooner rather than later.

Perks of the PSAT

By Gracie Fisher

            Wednesday, October 13, is a very important day for students around the country; the PSAT is being administered. Although optional for freshmen and juniors at Lassiter and required for sophomores, it can be very helpful to take this exam.

            First, the PSAT is a great way to familiarize yourself with the format and test questions of the SAT, along with insight on how the actual test day will run. Also, after a certain amount of time your test scores will be released. From there, you can guide your test prep based off your score so you can reach your desired goal. Being able to see your different areas of improvement, as well as your strengths, is extremely helpful in the process leading up to the real SAT. Furthermore, your PSAT score can qualify you for the National Merit Scholarship. Qualifying for the National Merit Scholarship provides financial aid for high school students planning to attend college. This scholarship is very competitive but is a very impressive accomplishment if achieved. Along with the potential for a scholarship, colleges can try to recruit you which allows you to learn more about your many options for your future eductaion.

            Although the PSAT is just a practice, it is wise to take some time to prepare and put effort into the exam. Many great opportunities can come out of participating in the PSAT.

The Curveball of Covid-19

By: Amanda DeMouey

Before the global pandemic, sporting events were fun community get-togethers, allowing us to enjoy time with friends and family. Once Covid-19 turned the world upside down, these activities developed temporary setbacks and our lives were forever changed.

In the spring of 2020, many sports leagues were canceled, and those that remained experienced unique seasons. This carried through to the fall, impacting sports such as softball, football, and volleyball. According to Katie, a Lassiter athlete, during the season, “Practices required masks, social distancing, and routine temperature checks.” Moreover, games often limited spectators to low capacities, and, according to Katie, “We were all definitely missing the typical Lassiter enthusiasm.” With these unforeseen restrictions, high-school sporting events instantly sunk to a quieter, lower-intensity atmosphere. What is a game without fans cheering on their favorite team? Although activities were nowhere near as exciting and entertaining, high school teams persevered.

Fortunately, this fall, high-school sports have nearly returned to what we are accustomed to. Practices are no longer surrounded by as many cautionary measures. Though social distancing and face masks are often recommended, these restrictions no longer engulf our everyday interactions. Now, more than ever, fans are encouraged to attend games and support high schoolers; this motivation was greatly missed last year.

How will Covid-19 impact the future of high school sports? Will we ever revert to our old normal? More than anything, athletes and the community are increasingly grateful for the opportunity to participate in activities and social gatherings. Though society naturally has stricter health precautions, this past year has proven that it is possible to return to normal, with little change in our daily customs.

 Lassiter Volleyball Program Gets a Reboot 

By: Amelia Wilson 

Lassiter Volleyball Program has some changes this year; it starts with a new gym, and new coaches have joined the spotlight. Darby Dunn, the new JV Volleyball coach, started her journey in Mississippi and moved to Georgia due to her husband’s job. After finding her place in the Special ED department at Lassiter, Dunn met Kristen Hunt, who works in the Media Center, and soon they decided to take up the responsibility of coaching the JV Volleyball team together. Not only does Mrs. Dunn have high hopes for a victorious season, but she is also hoping to “watch the girls grow and develop as a team,” she said during an interview. Shortly after this interview, her team went on to win against Wheeler High School in the third set, 15-11. 

Coach Marc, the new Varsity girl’s coach, himself was not open for an interview, but several of his players, including Andrea Garzon-Peta, #3, Kate Kudlac, #9, and Claire Billups, #6, all gave me their thoughts. When asked about Marc’s coaching, Andrea says, “I like Coach Marc, I think he is really hard on us because he expects a lot out of us, but I think that is what we needed to improve, although sometimes practices are really hard.”  Kate adds, “I think he has adjusted or has started to adjust to the team and how we need to be coached… I like it.” Not only do they agree on the caliber of Marc’s coaching, they all share the drive to reach state and regional competitions this year and based upon their win-heavy season so far, their dream could easily become a reality. Soon after this interview, the Varsity team went on to beat South Cobb in only three sets.

Devious Licks

By: Alex Lalic

A new tiktok trend has struck schools across the country with a wave of theft, with everything from bathroom soap dispensers to even school busses being stolen. Users typically film themselves unzipping a backpack and unveil whatever they’ve stolen. While at first it started small and featured loot such as exit signs, it quickly escalated as users sought to top each other with larger and more important items. At this point students have even been arrested and charged with felonies for what they’ve stolen. For obvious reasons, do not steal anything from Lassiter. It’s not worth committing a potential felony for a temporary thrill, so as a community let’s keep our amazing school intact, and our soap dispensers and exit signs where they belong.