Sources of Strength Week

By Maddie Roy

The Lassiter Sources of Strength Club is thrilled to announce that SOS Week is fast-approaching, and you won’t want to miss out on all the exciting activities planned! The week of March 14th through March 18th will host the annual SOS Week that reaches out to all members of the Lassiter student body and promotes mental health awareness. Students can look forward to a week full of different themes pertaining to Sources of Strength values, and special events before school every day at 7:45. Mentor Monday will focus on raising support for mental health by supporting influential people in your life and thank you cards will be distributed to give to an influential mentor. Positive Friends Tuesday is intended to motivate students to continue to support their friends, while also reaching out to new friends. Additionally, name tags, stress balls, and aesthetic stickers will be passed out to students Tuesday morning. Wellness Wednesday will prompt students to participate in healthy activities that benefit strong mental well-being, and SOS bracelets will be given to every student in the skylight before school begins. Thankful Thursday gives students the opportunity to be extra generous through a social media challenge that appreciates family, friends, or pets by posting pictures and tagging Sources of Strength. Last but certainly not least, Friday is the day where every Lassiter student is encouraged to wear purple, which represents bravery and courage in the face of hard times. Aside from the themes each day, giveaways will also be held! Items such as Chick-fil-a biscuits, Starbucks gift cards, and Sources of Strength cups will all be available to students who participate. Enjoy SOS week Lassiter students!

A Night in Disguise: Midnight Masquerade Prom  

Hello Lassiter family! 

  After two years of cancelation, we welcome you all back to the Fox for prom. Save the date for March 19th, 7pm- 11pm! Make sure to purchase your tickets beforehand: the last option available is through cash or check only for $95. This option closes Friday, March 11th (no refunds). 

  -Last Chance Reminders- 

  • Tickets only sold to official juniors and seniors 
  • Must have student ID or driver’s license to enter The Fox 
  • Each Junior or senior can purchase two tickets early 
  • If you still need a last-minute tux, get a $50 discount from the QR code below 

Any questions? 


Published by: Nika Hossainzadeh & Samantha Whitley 

Spreading Love During Cupid Season

By Gracie Fisher

              As most of us are aware, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. February 14th marks a day of appreciating those who hold a special place in our hearts, whether that be friends, family, or a significant other. However, I believe we should all go above and beyond on this day to spread our love to those outside of our little bubbles.  With over 2,000 students attending our school, most of us spend our days walking past people we know very little about. We don’t know what every stranger we pass is going through, what kind of day they could be having, if they are overwhelmed with stress, etc. With so little knowledge about these complete strangers, what is the harm in extending out some love and positivity on a day that celebrates love and admiration? A compliment, a wave, or even a simple smile could mean a lot more than most of us think it would. So, I encourage any student, or even a staff member, reading this to use February 14th to share their love with those they are not familiar with. We are all struggling in our own little ways; however, little gestures of love and connectedness can unite us on Cupid’s special day. And who knows, maybe you could even make a few new friends by the end of the day!

Lassiter Basketball Sweeps Kennesaw Mountain

by Aiden Mihill

Lassiter’s basketball programs picked up big wins ok the road over Kennesaw Mountain on Tuesday, with the girls winning 56-22 and the boys winning 54-36. For the girls, Macy Holt paced the Trojans with 14 points, while Kate Squires had 6 points and 7 rebounds. The boys were led by Cal Liston, who dropped an easy 19 points against the Mustangs, and Cole Lewis, who had 11 points. For Lassiter, they now move forward to games against Kell. The girls will tip off at 17-2 Kell (ranked 25th in the state by MaxPreps) at 6, while the boys will start at 7:30 against the 11-8 (8-3 in region) Longhorns boys.

Romance Book Recommendations for People who Want to Live Vicariously 

By: Lindsey McCrea

 As Valentines Day quickly approaches and people begin to finalize their plans, one may wonder how they should occupy their time during this overly romanticized, corporation run holiday. Well, worry not, for I have the answer for all such singles. Instead of going out and being forced to face your loneliness, take a day to yourself. Stay in, grab some popcorn, and let yourself live vicariously through the characters in one of these books. 

  1. The Summer I Turned Pretty – Jenny Han

This trilogy, written by Jenny Han, author of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, is sweetly written, sentimental, and will make you nostalgic for childhood summers. Throughout the series, main character Belly Conklin, her brother Steven, and the Fisher boys, Jeremiah and Conrad, grow together, grieve together, and love together. It has all the best parts of a sappy teen romance, love triangles, friends to lovers romance, and dramatics. Overall, this is a great book for readers who want something with a classic feel. 

  1. Beach Read – Emily Henry

Beach Read, by Emily Henry, is a delightful, quick romance about two former college rivals who make a bet about who can read a book written in the other’s preferred genre fastest. In the process, they push themselves out of their comfort zones, get to know each other better, and eventually fall in love. This is great for readers who want a nice balance between angst and affection. 

  1. Meet Cute: Some People are Just Destined to Meet – Various Authors 

Meet Cute is a collection of story arcs written by various different YA authors depicting the ways that their fictional couples first meet. It’s a great choice for hopeful readers who want something brief and refreshing, and it includes couples of various sexual orientations. 

  1. The Wrath and the Dawn – Renée Ahdieh

For those who enjoy elements of fantasy and fairytales, there is the Wrath and the Dawn duology, a retelling of the classic One Thousand and One Nights. It is an amazingly descriptive book that focuses on the life of a young woman Shahrzad who volunteers to marry a murderous king to exact revenge on him for the murder of her best friend. This enemies to lovers romance is the perfect choice for those who want strong female leads and characters of color. 

  1. The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue – Mackenzi Lee

Set in the 1700s, this is the story of a young British lord who heads off on a tour of Europe with his right hand man and longtime crush. This young adult novel features a bisexual main character, a continent wide manhunt, and the difficulties one may face surrounding parental expectations and pressure, making it ideal for fans of adventure based coming of age stories. 

Lassiter Parking: For Dummies

By Katelyn Vetro

As we all know, the Lassiter High School parking lot is so convenient and loved by the student body! In order to prevent unbearable traffic, we have to deal with it every day, this is what we HAVE to do. 

1. Drive as fast as possible. We’re all trying to get out quickly, right. Race to the exit. Traffic is not real; why don’t the cars just drive? This technique is so overlooked by drivers in general! It’s so simple, yet efficient. 

2. There is no need to check your mirrors or blind spot when backing out of a spot. It’s just an unnecessary waste of time if you ask me. How much damage could a crash in a parking lot cause? Definitely very minimal and it sounds fun! I would love a twisted game of bumper cars in the back lot of Lassiter, especially going home with polka-dot looking dents all over my car; I love the decor. 

3. Cut everyone off all the time, no matter what the circumstances are. How dare they get in your way when you’re trying to get somewhere? That’s very disrespectful and selfish behavior on their part. This leads us back to rule number 1, just drive! Better yet, scream with all your windows down at the other drivers! What a great way to get to know your peers by participating daily activities in places everyone swoons over! I bet this would eliminate all of Lassiter’s social issues as well. Killing two birds with one stone, if I do say so myself. 

4. Whatever you do getting to school in the morning, do not park in between those irrelevant white lines. If we all boycott and disperse our cars in the lot, then we would clear out so much faster! There is no need for me to even explain this it just makes perfect sense. 

Starting next Monday, we must put these rules into effect, and I promise you every single issue that has even taken place within the walls and lots of Lassiter High School will immediately be resolved. Please trust me on this; I know what I’m talking about. I definitely did not fail my permit test. (If anyone tells you I did, they’re lying. Don’t be so naïve, I’m begging you.) 

Lassiter Ambassadors

By Oliver Safir

Lassiter Ambassadors (LABs for short) is a program at Lassiter dedicated to helping freshmen manage their new high school lives. Ambassadors consist of juniors and seniors who have demonstrated strong leadership capabilities and academic success. LABs meet with freshman classes during advisement and discuss various topics such as studying skills, good organizational habits, responsible social media presences, peer and teacher relationships, and much more. The mission of LABs is to encourage freshmen to get active in Lassiter events and to help make the transition from middle school to high school much less scary. LABs also offer their own personal insight to being high schoolers, sharing tips and tricks they have found useful over their years at Lassiter. Additionally, Lassiter Ambassadors help with many Lassiter events such as Go Day. Club members say Lassiter Ambassadors is a very rewarding club, and they are glad to help ease the nerves of at least some freshmen while meeting with them. If you are a freshman or sophomore, please feel encouraged to join LABs when your time comes to help continue this tradition of fellowship.

HOSA Highlight

By Amanda DeMouey

Are you a student interested in the medical field for a future career? Or do you enjoy learning about healthcare? If so, the HOSA club is a perfect fit for you. HOSA, which stands for “Health Occupations Students of America,” is a national medical organization that helps prepare students for health-based professions.

Members of HOSA may attend competitive events where they test their healthcare knowledge and skills. However, these events are not required. Students are offered opportunities to volunteer at club-sponsored events and donate their time for people in need. 

In September, volunteers assisted at a Be the Match drive for cancer patients. Also, during a recent meeting, club members created thoughtful letters to support patients who are fighting breast cancer. 

At each meeting, entertaining games are played to test one’s knowledge on various medical topics. However, there is no shame for those who do not know the answers, as it is just for fun. In the past, guest speakers have attended meetings to provide more detailed information about specific health-related careers.

If you are interested in joining a club at Lassiter next year, consider HOSA. It is both an enjoyable and educational association that benefits students and their community.

Holiday Travel Post-COVID

Before the pandemic began, holiday travel was the worst time to be alive. From congested highways to long security lines and delayed flights, there’s always something that could go wrong. Ever since the world has re-opened, which allows people to begin to travel again, every day feels like a holiday, the only exception being actual holidays, which feel like an apocalypse. Over Thanksgiving break, I had to embark on one of these treacherous journeys from Atlanta to rural Pennsylvania on Tuesday, November 23. Our flight was scheduled to take off somewhere around 12:55, but the night before, I was whole-heartedly expecting an hour or more of delay time, not to mention several hours’ worth of security and even more of drive time. Nevertheless, that morning finally came, and we were out the door by 8:30. 

Despite the holiday traffic, we made it to the airport (or the Pre-Flight parking deck) around 9:30, but this is when it starts going downhill. At least fifteen Pre-Flight vans were lined up along the back fence while only five or less were in service. Before the pandemic, you only needed to wait a few minutes, the vans would follow your car when you drove in so it could pick you up as soon as you unloaded your car. Since more than half the vans seemed to be out of work, we ended up waiting a little under ten minutes. At first, ten minutes doesn’t sound too long, but in a cold, shady parking deck, ten minutes is a very long time.  

When we finally made it to the airport itself, nothing seemed too out of place. The Delta self-check-your-bags kiosk was just as tricky as it usually is, and the eccentric passengers were all accounted for. It seemed like a normal day in the airport for the most part, except for one thing. You’re probably expecting another security-line horror story, but we had quite the opposite. Total time in security line: Eight minutes and thirty-nine seconds. A total of two minutes faster than waiting for the Pre-Flight van to pick us up. There was absolutely no line, more than half of those eight minutes was walking through the maze of belt stanchions behind an old lady. Not only that, but our flight was right on time. No delays, no cancellations, and absolutely nothing wrong with the plane’s left phalange. 

Even though nearly every business, large or small, was affected by COVID-19 in every way possible, Hartsfield-Jackson international airport seems to be handling it quite well. Despite some long wait times, the airport personnel are keeping the place up and running as well as clean. Of course, like all things, there could be better ways to handle this, but since the workers and supplies are limited, they are really doing a wonderful job. 

Supporting Indigenous Peoples over Thanksgiving 

By: Lindsey McCrea

As thanksgiving approaches, we are reminded of the events that lead us to this annual celebration. Throughout most of our childhoods, we were taught about a dinner, between the European settlers and the native Americans, which likely never occurred. It’s important that rather than celebrating figures such as Christopher Columbus, who contributed to the oppression and near extermination of an entire society, we celebrate those whose land the settlers commandeered. 

Here are some things you can do over the holidays to support indigenous people: 

1. It is important not to erase Native American history, no matter how brutal. You and your family members can research and discuss the history of the land you live on. Using native-land.ça you can learn which groups of indigenous people originally lived where you do now. By having a discussion with your family and friends, you can raise awareness of what happened to those who were here before us and keep their stories alive. 

2. Donate to indigenous run a native-targeted charities, like the American Indian College Fund, which provides financial support and scholarship opportunities to American Indian students, and AISES, which aims to promote representation of Indigenous North Americans and Pacific Islanders in STEM. You can use to find more or find a charity with a specific cause. 

3. Finally, you can support indigenous run businesses, such as Bedré Fine Chocolate, Birch Bark Coffee Co., and Ginew. If you’d like to find more indigenous small businesses or are looking for a certain type of item, you can visit for help.