The Cafeteria

By: Sidney DeBrock

The cafeteria brings joy and light to the lives of many Lassiter High school students. It’s a place to take a load off and enjoy healthy meals. One of the best parts of lunch is waiting in line! While in the long line waiting for your lunch, you can think about the loads of unfinished homework due next period, or you could even ponder the meaning of life. The wait is worth it for the delicious reduced fat Doritos, and you can’t even taste the difference from the real thing! The top-notch food is overly nutritious, and it perfectly pairs the taste of cardboard with burnt plastic. Scrumptious! The FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) would definitely endorse the soda options, the half-frozen mixed-berry mush, and the nachos covered in “real” cheese.