How much family is too much?

Audrey Renaud, Comedy Editor

The holiday season is here and that means that family will be visiting soon. Everyone has the set up for Christmas or Thanksgiving that happens every year: going to your relative’s house for the week of Thanksgiving Break, then the other side of your family that you do not see as much comes to stay at your house for the second half of December. This sounds good and fun at first, but it gets old quickly. 

On the first day of Thanksgiving Break, you get the genuine catching-up conversations that you are actually engaged in, but these topics last about five hours until everything happened in the past year has been shared. By the third day of break you start to fight more with the other kids and the in-laws start to bicker, and you start to wonder when Thanksgiving Dinner is actually happening. However, when the dinner does finally happen, you end up having to go through the whole meal listening to your older relatives be politically incorrect while you sit there and decide to stay silent or make them mad by correcting them. Finally, after Thanksgiving Day is over it is time to go home and wait until next year to do it all again.

Around the second week of December is when it clicks for your parents that they are having people over for an extended period of time, so that means one thing: cleaning. The floors, the walls, the door frames, they all have to be thoroughly cleaned at least twice before your relatives arrive, but they never notice any of your hard work. When these more distant family members come to stay, the catching-up does last longer because it has been longer since you have seen them, but it will inevitably run dry. After this happens, you realize that Christmas is still five days away and that you will be asked if you are dating someone at least ten times, even though the answer is always no. However, when Christmas comes, and the relatives finally leave, despite how annoying they are, you always find yourself looking forward to next year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas with your relatives.