Lassiter Drama’s Animal Farm

By Abby Apple, A&E

This year, Lassiter Drama has decided to take on the role of performing two shows per semester. The first show is one of the most famous novel as written, Animal Farm by George Orwell.  Animal Farm is a novel based on the Russian revolution transformed into a story about a group of animals on a farm in England.

The Lassiter Drama club’s director, Dani Dickinson, chose this show hoping to create a mature, artsy, and professional performance. Also, Dani casted this show in such a way where all of the characters from Napoleon to Mollie to create a powerful performance that will have the audience leaving absolutely flabbergasted.

The plot of Animal Farm is about a farm in England where the animals are fed up with the treatment they have been receiving from their owner, Mr. Jones. When the animals drive Mr. Jones off the farm, they almost immediately create social classes; the pigs are brain-workers, or the elite, and the rest of the animals are labor workers. It is soon revealed that the pigs want all the power, but how far will the pigs go to keep it? To find out, come see the show September 12th, 13th, and 14th!