Homecoming themes: September 30-October 4

By Hadley Quigg, staff writer

  • Monday-Student/teacher swap
  • Tuesday-Family day
    • Freshman (kindergartners)
    • Sophomores (teenagers)
    • Juniors (adults)
    • Seniors (grandparents)
  • Wednesday- Wild West
    • no masks, weapons, or lassos per administration
  • Thursday- Space
  • Friday- Class colors

Show your school spirit by dressing up for Homecoming week! Monday, dress up as your favorite teacher for the student/teacher swap. We all know that Lassiter is one big family, so celebrate Tuesday as family day. Freshmen should dress as kindergartners, sophomores as teens, juniors as parents, and seniors as grandparents. Giddy up and mosey on down to the Wild West on Wednesday with the Wild West theme. Thursday, take a trip to the moon and back with a space theme, so dress up as an alien, a constellation, or anything else space related. Last but not least, is class colors Friday: freshman wear gold/yellow, sophomores wear maroon, juniors wear white, and seniors wear black.