Year of the substitute teacher

By Sarah Patterson, staff writer

It is hard not to notice; it seems wherever you go, you see a new face. More substitute teachers than usual have been filling our normal teachers’ spots this year, all around school. Teachers are out for various reasons: from sickness to maternity leave, the latter of which seems to be quite popular this year. In fact, students can expect even more of these subs in the future, with several teachers needing gaps filled in the coming months. 

One such substitute is Mr. Guzman, who has been subbing for Mrs. Schneider while she has been out on maternity leave since the first day of school. He has been teaching both Algebra 2 and AP Statistics in her absence. Mr. Guzman has also been volunteering with the marching band, and he says he will be subbing until November 8th

Mrs. Voloce, another long-term substitute, has been subbing for Señora Rainey and plans to stay for some time. Mrs. House, Mrs. Etter, and Mrs. Clark have also been subbed, though Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Etter have recently come back from their maternity leave. 

Of course, when it comes to substitutes, there is always a little bit of uncertainty, so make sure to treat substitutes with respect! Whether long-term or just one-day subs, it is always worth it to make them feel welcomed.