Earth Day

Juliana Malfitano: staff writer

Celebrating every known living organism on is earth is not a daily occurrence; it is quite limited. However, once yearly there is a day where the beautiful Mother Earth is glorified for all it provides its children. This holiday, Earth day, falls on April 22nd every year, and it was established to encompass the many positive aspects of this world. Earth day was created in 1970 during the large environmental movement that was occurring at the time. It was made by the U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson. Nelson wanted to focus on educating people so they could keep the earth clean. Nelson’s goal was to inform Americans of the Earth’s deterioration due to oil spills, air polluting factories, pesticide, etc. He made it a bigger idea for people to care about the environment, to this day, people still participate. It is a day people are made aware of the Earth’s issues and they can view the Earth as a blessing, Today, the Earth is enduring far more hurt than in its past: climate change, extreme ocean pollution, and large amounts of wildlife extinction. People need to learn to be aware of the issues the Earth faces, and they can also learn how to minimize these problems if possible. For Earth’s future, it is hoped that society will move towards a greener, healthier planets.