Overlooked Classes

Besides the required, main courses that Lassiter provides, there are many other fun and unique classes that you many not of heard of. Here is a list of some of the interesting classes that are commonly overlooked during registration:

Dance Techniques: While being available to all years (9-12), Dance Techniques is the fundamentals of learning how to dance. It teaches you many skills such as how to hold your body correctly during a performance and how to correctly execute skills during a routine. Dance Techniques give you the fundamental tools you need that you can eventually use to branch out in different areas of dance.

Photography/ 2-D design: If you have already taken V.A. Comprehensive and Drawing and want to branch out from your normal mediums in art, Photography provides the perfect chance to to do so. Photography offers many great opportunities such as entering art competitions, understanding and manipulating a camera, having your work displayed, and even chances to win scholarship money for your photographs. After this, photography can help you reach AP 2-D Design, which focuses on a single portfolio examination that includes a quality, breadth, and a concentration. This class earns you a full credit each year and really allows you to express your originality and use creativity.

Personal Finance: Personal Finance can be taken by juniors and seniors who are interested in learning how to effectively manage their money and plan for the future. This class teaches you about the financial world, budgeting, savings accounts, insurance, and many more useful areas of study. Earning a full credit per year, Personal Finance can teach you extremely beneficial skills and management for the future

American Sign Language: Counting as a World Language and earning half of a credit per semester, American Sign Language is offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are interested in taking ASML. This class teaches you the basics of how to communicate with this language and can eventually lead you to AMSL II as a junior or senior.