Benefits of Medical Cannabis Oil

Staff Writer- Anna Trevathan

Cannabis oil, not to be confused with marijuana, is legal, on some level, in all fifty states in America. Treatments using medical CBD have been occurring since 2900 B.C. IN the United Kingdom, CBD oil is officially recognized as a medicine.

In recent discoveries, CBD has been found to treat psychological and physical pain. By manufacturing CBD into a spray, doctors have been able to eliminate lung problems associated with smoking CBD. People with anxiety, depression, epilepsy, PTSD, and insomnia have turned to CBD as treatment.  CBD reacts with the neurotransmitters in the brain related to behavior. By cutting deficient transmitters or re-routing them, CBD can become beneficial to users suffering from a multitude of maladies. Not only can adults use CBD, but children, also, have access to CBD, to treat PTSD and insomnia. CBD is also an anti-inflammatory substance. Using CBD can treat arthritis, chemotherapy side effects, and chronic acne. In recent studies, it has also shown to prevent cancer and retard its spreading. Trial test are being conducted to use CBD to kill cancer altogether, but the test has only been subjected to animals.

 CBD research is a wide growing field do to its many potentials, yet to be discovered. The substance is not FDA approved, yet, but is in the process to become so. CBD can cause fevers, nausea, decreased appetite, and vomiting, but has not shown any links to physiological, or physical damage, since turning it into a spray.