Is Prom Worth It?

Audrey Renaud Staff Writer


There are many different views of prom that students typically have. Some people with a more negative view on high school might see prom as a waste of time and they might think that it’s edgy or making a statement not to go. Some people might have an image of prom as going with a perfect date and riding in a limousine, and they refuse to go without these things. I think that everyone should go to prom at least once, despite your opinions on it.

Most people find that the time before and after the dance itself is the most fun time. This is the time that you and your friends or you and your mom can go shopping for dresses, get your nails done together, and then you have the pictures and dinner right before the dance. After the prom you and whomever you go with can go to an after party, and this can mean whatever you want it to. The after party can be a sleepover at someone’s house or an actual house party somewhere.

Of course actually being at the event that is prom is important too. You don’t have to stay the entire dance, but showing up just to see the Fox Theatre and what kind of outfits everyone is wearing is worth it. This upcoming prom is my second year going and I’m looking forward to it just as much, if not more, than last year; so, yes I think that going to prom at least once is worth it for everyone and anyone.