Lassiter Volleyball: 2nd in State

Nyra Pasha

Staff Writer

Lassiter High School’s varsity volleyball team is ranked number two in the state. When sophomore varsity player, Camille Mccraw was asked about her feelings towards the team’s ranking, she responded, “ My whole team was shocked and proud because we weren’t expected to get this far. It feels really cool and exciting that other teams want to beat you.” This feeling is also matched with a much higher expectation of the players from their coaches and for themselves. Camille and other players work hard in practice along with doing other things out of school to help prepare for their games. “A good strategy,” Camille says, “is to be vocal with the team. If there is something we need to work on I tell my teammates and we try to work on it.” As a team, the varsity girls are working on blocks and playing more intensely. They are trying to add more drive in order to compete with harder and more competitive schools like Walton, Walker, and Marist. “We really hope to make it far in state and continue to improve to become better players and a more well rounded team.” No matter how far the they get, Lassiter is proud to have such a strong and accomplished varsity volleyball team.