Lassiter Lottery for Parking Spaces

by Samantha Flores

Staff Writer

The Lassiter High School auxiliary gym is set to be torn down towards the end of
October. This gym has been home to many of Lassiter’s sports: competition cheerleading,
wrestling, basketball, etc. It will be missed for those reasons, but how exciting is it that Lassiter is getting a brand-new gym? Sadly, this construction will eliminate 300 student parking spots, and has caused quite a disruption. Harrison Park has been gracious enough to allow Lassiter access to 100 of its parking spaces, those of which have been raffled off to juniors. The lottery is now over, and the lucky juniors have been given their decals, but this is unfortunate for many. Half of the junior drivers may not get a chance to park for the remainder of the year, and the sophomores who get their licenses throughout this year have a slim chance of getting a decal as well. The construction is expected to end between October 2019-January 2020. The next time Lassiter students will have full accessibility to parking may not be for a long while. In the meantime, this new gym is said to be so big that it can host cheer competitions. This will be a great asset, as the schools hosting these have to be very large. We are a 7A school with over 2,000 students, but our gym right now doesn’t really reflect that. It’s exciting that we have this to look forward to, but for now it as seen by student drivers as an inconvenience.